700 Tiny Mattresses in One

Feel True Support

  • Individual Cushion For Every Inch of Your Body
  • Vertebrae Support Relieves Back Pain
  • Active Air Channels For Cool Hygienic Sleep
  • Chiropractor Endorsed
The Mattress

Engineered For Absolute Spine Support

The SleepOvation mattress combines 700 tiny mattresses* that proactively adjust to spine alignment, promote cooling airflow and a superior level of cleanliness for a healthy night's sleep.

  • "Tiny Mattress" Technology

    8” pocket coil spring topped with a sealed 3” high-density rectangular cushion for independent lateral support.

  • Active Air Channels

    The segmented cushion layer creates air channels that dissipate heat and maintain cool sleeping temperatures.

  • Removable & Washable Cover

    The knitted cover is padded for appropriate firmness and assists airflow between the underlying air channels.

  • Superior Cleanliness

    Each inner spring and rectangular cushion is individually sealed, making the air channels vacuum-friendly.

Chiropractor Endorsed

"I have been a Chiropractor for 37 years and I have never endorsed a mattress until now. The SleepOvation mattress has won my endorsement! I will now recommend this mattress to all patients, especially those with back pain. I would also recommend it to patients who want to maintain a healthy spine."

Back Pain Relief

Our independent suspension evenly distributes body weight to alleviate stress on the natural curves and alignment of the spine. In addition to relieving back pain, this provides absolute comfort for your preferred sleeping position.

back pain mattress

Cool Refreshing Sleep

Our individually sealed cushions create air channels with cool and steady airflow management. By avoiding the headaches of sleeping hot and sweaty, you’ll sleep undisturbed and awake refreshed the next day.

sleepovation air channels

Allergy Relief

Our mattress offers a superior level of hygiene with its zip-off removable and washable cover, coupled with the ability to vacuum in-between each air channel so you can eliminate dust, bacteria, and allergens.

allergy relief mattress
100 Night Sleep Trial

You have 100 nights to try the SleepOvation mattress risk free! 

Free Shipping

The mattress is compressed, boxed and shipped to your door.

10 Year Warranty

We offer a 10-year limited warranty that covers material and performance defects.


"I love to play golf everyday, but my back pain prevents me from doing so. After a few night on the SleepOvation mattress, I'm pain free and my golf game is better than ever!"

"I was involved in a major car accident a few years back. I broke 10 bones that eventually healed, but I still had lingering affects. Aching joints, stiff muscles and back pains - I couldn't sleep through the night. Now that I'm sleeping on a SleepOvation mattress, my body is more relaxed, I sleep through the night, and most importantly I don't wake up!"

"I have had back pain and pain going down my right leg for the last 10 years when I wake up. After just one night on this mattress I had no more pain in my leg. After the third day I woke up pain free!"

"My back bothers me so much - I even went as far as getting a stand up desk for work. My chiropractor recommended this mattress and boy was he right. Nothing has helped me better!"

"I have allergies and just cannot sleep well. I usually wake up with a headache and stuffed nose. I tried this mattress and it’s like night and day. I love that I can wash the top and vacuum inside the mattress!"

"I work in construction - I do carpentry masonry. This puts a lot of strain on my back. This mattress keeps me fresh and ready to work the next day!"

"With the passage of time, one becomes less mobile, travels more especially in cars and airplanes. I too especially after a long trip in the car would feel back problems and started to worry. But then I tried this new mattress, SleepOvation, and I must say I immediately noticed an improvement. The body is supported by the 700 individual cells perfectly, and I immediately improved. I liked it so much I invested in the company."

"As a police officer I'm either on my feet or in a police car all day, so a good night's sleep is very important to me. The SleepOvation mattress provides that full night sleep I need to perform the next day."

"My old foam mattress was hot. I would toss, turn, and wake up sweaty. I'm kind of neat freak and it was really hard to clean. It was really just a hassle. With the SleepOvation mattress I sleep through the night, I don't toss and turn, it's nice and cool, and super easy to clean. I definitely recommend it!"

"With age I've had more and more problems with my back and buying expensive mattresses never solved those problems. It was only until I slept on the SleepOvation mattress for a couple of nights that the pain went away."