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Best Hourly Schedule For Great Sleep

Best Hourly Schedule For Great Sleep

Here's what you need to do every hour of the day to get good sleep tonight.

6 AM: Wake up! On weekends too … snoozing makes it more difficult to wake up, and makes you grumpy.

7 AM: Drink 2 cups of water and get 15 minutes of sunlight to help boost alertness.

8 AM: Never skip breakfast - it’s best to have a heavier meal now.

9 AM: Coffee – unless you’ve been awake for less than 90 minutes, it may affect your mood.

10 AM: While you answer some emails, drink more water.

11 AM: It’s time for more sunlight or a light therapy device to keep you energized and destressed.

12 PM: Have a healthy filling lunch, with sunlight if you can eat outside.

1 PM: Go for a light walk, additional exercise can lead to more restorative sleep.

2 PM: STAY AWAY from coffee, green tea, soda and energy drinks!

3 PM: Prepare to battle your afternoon slump with a midday nap (20-30 minutes optimal).

4 PM: Have some vitamins that aid good sleep, such as omega-3s, D3 (5,000 IUs) and magnesium (250 to 400 mg).

5 PM: Call an end to your workday, and don’t take your sleep impairing stress with you.

6 PM: Have a light dinner at least two hours before bedtime so your body can properly digest.

7 PM: Fight the urge to check your emails and keep working… or should we say put the cupcakes and ice-cream down

8 PM: Unplug from blue-light emitting devices one hour before bed.

9 PM: Establish a bedtime routine (meditate, read a book, take a bath or shower, etc.)

10 PM: Hit the hay and turn the lights out, happy sleeping!

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